Monday, July 15, 2013

Someone asked me to re-up the Slugfest CD but after going back and searching, I couldn't find the original post. I figured this was just easier so here we are. I did an interview with Scott Vogel, vocalist for the band, and all we talked about was Slugfest. If you'd like to go back and get some info on the band, you can do so by click below:

Interview with Scott Vogel about Slugfest and Fadeaway

The band was only around for a short time, recording a demo and a 7 inch (titled "Buried Alive") before breaking up in 1993 (if I remember correctly). Scott joined Fadeaway and then Despair. During his time in Despair, the band got back together and recorded 4 songs that they had written before they broke up initially.

I can't remember if this was initially advertised as a discography of sorts but it's definitely incomplete. It's missing the demo and the after-the-fact live 7 inch from the reunion show in 1997. I never did quite understand the cover of the record...either way, this was released by Initial Records in 1996 when Despair was releasing material with them. Reaper Records was supposed to release a complete discography but I think that idea has been scrapped unfortunately.

I went back and re-ripped the original CD as a VBR so it's nice and loud and I also scanned the ENTIRE layout (tray card and CD included) and included those in the download. The lyrics are printed across a 3 panel insert so it may be a little difficult to follow along but you get those as well. If this is your first time hearing Slugfest, don't expect Terror but more a (mostly) slowed down, chug heavy record of pissed off hardcore featuring members of Snapcase, Terror, Buried Alive, Despair and a slew of other Buffalo bands.

Slugfest "Self Titled" - Initial Records (1996)


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