Friday, February 1, 2008

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Some of Chokehold's earliest output:

Life Goes On
Arm's Reach Records

Split 7" w/Crisis Of Faith
Grinding Edge Records


Nick said...

Awesome. I've got the Chokehold stuff on the CD that CTW did, but I don't have digital versions of the Crisis of Faith stuff.

xjustinx said...

The CTW cd has the More Than Ever demo, but doesn't have any of the stuff from these two records as far as I can remember.

Death Metal Dan said...

Awesome. Thanks man. And I noticed a link to my blog on the side of yours - much appreciated. I linked you back.

As for Chokehold, how come they don't have a discography album(s) out? I swear Chris from Goodfellow Records (he was in Chokehold, I'm sure you know) said he was going to release a discography on his label, but nothing ever came of it.