Sunday, February 10, 2008

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Neglected 7"
It's no small secret that I don't like anything about "Christian hardcore" whatsoever, and yet, I loved Focal Point. Before they dropped that great record on Solid State/Tooth and Nail, this 7" came out on Life Sentence in 1996. Good ol heavy 90s hardcore is well represented by the music these guys wrote. It's sad that they went onto such awful bands like Training For Utopia and Demonhunter.

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xUNBORNx said...

great band. if anyone needs their LP there is one at ebay germany right now.


Just downloaded this this morning. Pretty damn cool (Despite the treble-heavy recording - HARSH!!!), I'll have to look for the full-length.

And the christian thing, yeah, ugh, but... there are a handful of those bands that still kicked ass, even if some of the lyrics were just silly.

Lo-Res Viscera said...

Wow, this record is killer!
Any chance you could post more stuff by them?

Nick Koets said...

I used to have this 7" until my 7" liquidation 4-5 years back on ebay. It was killer and the full-length was amazing as well (still have that). I got to see them only once at a New Year's eve show (1996?) in Sacramento with Will Haven and what I believe might have been Training For Utopia's first show.

I actually dug the first couple of releases by TFT but they quickly nosedived in quality after that. But I will definitely agree with you on Demon Hunter. Can't believe they're still around.

Anonymous said...

please re up this.