Thursday, February 7, 2008

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A Doctrine Of Scripted Torture 7"
These guys reunited last year, and played a show, but unfortunately I couldn't make it out to it. Motive hailed from Long Island, and impressed me heavily with this first 7". This came out on Exit Records in 1997, and I'd say that Exit was a great label at the time, releasing the likes of Indecision, Sons Of Abraham, Milhouse, Motive and more. Definitely give these mp3s a good spin, because I damn near wore out this record listening to it so much over the years.


Jeremy said...

please post more bands of this style!

Thomas said...

thanks so much for this!!!

samuel said...

I've been looking for those mp3s for years. Thank you so much for uploading this.

This is such an underrated record. Way better than most of the newer stuff they've released.

rybunal said...

this band was sooooo good. i like the 7" better than the cd, but they both are still great.