Monday, February 11, 2008

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So you say you like heavy music...yeah Im sure whatever band you're thinking of is "heavy" but are they as heavy as Disembodied? I think not. I was lucky enought to play a show with them in 1998 with a side project I was working on. The lineup was Shai Hulud, Overcast, Disembodied, and Dragbody. I remember watching Disembodied set up while everyone else went outside (what the fuck were they thinking???) and just seeing the most incredible guitar/bass set up Id ever seen outside of a metal band. Both guitar players had a full stack, a Mesa head in a rack with 6 additional slots, all on top of a 15 inch subwoofer. It was enormous. The guitar player stood on his toes to turn up his volume. Anyway, they played and they were amazing. This shirt was released by Ferret around the time Diablerie came out. If anyone has the "If God Only Knew The Rest Were Dead" design with angel/demon with no wings shirt, Ill pay ridiculous amounts of cash for it


Anonymous said...

nice i scored this shirt on ebay years ago