Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Here we are again with another installment of Current Bands Playing 90s Style Hardcore. Since the last time I posted an update, Ive been searching for new bands to bring you and I think Ive got some good stuff for you. As always, Im open to suggestions and I listen to all bands that are suggested, so please email me and let me know if you have a band that would fit in our next installment. Make sure to put either "Stuck In The Past" or "Current Bands Playing 90s Style Hardcore" in the heading.

xShiverx - Tokyo, Japan

If there is one thing Ive learned through my friendship with the Japanese hardcore kids as well as my trip earlier this year, the Japanese hardcore scene love the 90s. xShiverx released a demo 2 years ago and then...nothing. Did they break up? Were they on a hiatus? No clue...but then all of a sudden 2 months ago they released a 3 way split of new material. The new songs blow the old demo out of the water...great heavy chugging hardcore in the vein of Excessive Force. Check out their Myspace for more info: xShiverx on Myspace

Stormtrooper - Hommersåk/Sandnes, Rogaland Norway

I stumbled across Stormtrooper one day on Myspace and really liked their sound. Alternating male and female vocals with music that is reminiscent of Arkangel (Dead Man Walking era). I thought they had broken up but apparently they went on hiatus and are now back and booking a European tour. Check out their Myspace for more info: Stormtrooper on Myspace

Convicted - Chicago, IL.

Convicted has been around for about 2 years and has really started making waves in the hardcore scene playing both the Burning Fight show in Chicago this year as well as This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia. Their first 7 inch had some Integrity influence but their new 2009 demo really added some Arkangel/Slayer parts to the mix. Definitely a band to watch in the next year. They were looking for a new drummer so if you can help them out, message them on Myspace. Check out their Myspace for more info: Convicted on Myspace

Verdict - Moscow, Russia

I had been messaging back and forth with Vasya, vocalist for Verdict, and when I finally checked out his band, I was totally into it. Heavy Morning Again worship here folks. Great band who just released a 3 way split along with xShiverx. Not quite sure what they've been up to recently because their Myspace is mostly in Russian...but check it out and listen to the tracks they have up. Verdict on Myspace

Reason - Buffalo, NY
Reason is a new band based out of Buffalo featuring members of The Control, Dead Hearts, Halfmast, Plagued With Rage, Still Ill, They Live, No Reason and No Time Left. Fast, angry, pissed off straight edge hardcore that at times reminds me of Reach the Sky and maybe Turning Point. They just played their first show on Monday and have a demo which you can download for free off of their Myspace. Im expecting big things from them in the next year. Reason on Myspace


erock352 said...

there are some damn fine bands in this post!

ERIC SXE said...

i downloaded the Reason Demo. Good stuff. Nice to be catching a band at the beginning as opposed the the usual way I hear about a band after they broke up!

xbojanx said...

Reason rules, and I found on their Myspace No Love Lost, also pretty good, and some other bands...keep on posting things like this (thumb up)

Anonymous said...



oceaned said...

oh gosh, verdict. read their last interview - i know it's in russian, just click translate it - it would look funny, but i think you''l understand, or i can translate it to you. it's all about being replying aggressively and arrogantly. playing heavy music and visiting gym.

and there was another interview, in which artem, their former bassist-now a guitarist talks about the message. as far as i know, he's songwriter. (it's here, in russian - http://community.livejournal.com/azerion/18870.html)

"-reason for creating verdict? what are you trying to carry down to the kids in the scene?
- i want to let every girl know, that they should never forget, that they are women and they should respect themselves, what concerns boys, they should not forget about girls and always express high regards towards them. we want to attain a verdict towards all the infidels."
(it's not like i've been sitting around here waiting for verdict band to come around and tell me how to act\feel and things)

gosh, it's just heavy music with no meaning. no hardcore in all that

oceaned said...

and it's not all
there was an incident recently
i'm not going to talk about or sth
see for yourself
if you translate the view on myspace you'll see)

Ruin said...

You should check this next bands:

Against all my fears


En nuestras venas


To Feel alive


All from south america,
such a good bands!!

Emil said...

oceaned - why can't you just be happy a band from Russia is getting some international recognition? I read Russian and there is nothing bad in that interview, no arrogance or aggressive answers, in the first answer the guy says 'thank you for your interest in our music we are flattered', as far as the gym comment - he says he likes sports and contact sports when the interviewer asks what are your hobbies / interests outside of the band, yeah big deal? As far as "no meaning"? In the same first answer he says some inspiration/messages are "friendship, respect, straight edge and love for friends, family and animals", and I thought this guy gave a pretty intelligent response to the question about the current state of Russian politics too.

Hey - there are many other bands from Russia like Ray and Rearranged, whom maybe I'd prefer over Verdict in general, but this is featured here because they play 90's style metallic hardcore.

xvasyax said...

Hey bro! Apreciated to see our band as part of this topic 90's. I'm happy that somitemes somebody interesting in east europe scene with their new local bands.

Oceaned "gosh, it's just heavy music with no meaning. no hardcore in all that" - do not perceive all so close to heart...

Guys please check also this totally 90' bands from UKRAINE, Odessa. ASPIRE - www.myspace.com/aspirexxx and OBSESSION from Moscow, RUSSIA www.myspace.com/19obsession91 Their releases would be available soon on SELF X TRUE (www.myspace.com/selfxtrue)

JUST SAY YO! zine said...

When I think about new bands playing 90' style hardcore in Europe the first one that comes to mind is Unveil from Switzerland.
They are a political straight edge band taking influences from Unbroken, Trial, Morning Again, Earth Crisis... their new 7" is definitely worth checking out.


xxmatias said...

and hoy es el dia?
they are in the split witch shiver and verdict

xkolox said...

Hi, Vasya!
Can u just explain to me about Artem Jay? I heard that he visited a bonehead's show. Outlaw Hero Standing, right? And he is a friend of OHS's drummer? OHS is a nazi-sxe band... And in interview he said about friendship with football hooligans. I heard, that russian football hooligans are boneheads, at least they just hate antifa guys.

xvasyax said...

To: xkolox
Unfortunately for much of you are not absolutely clear about things in Moscow. I’ll try to explain it. In each area there are things which can understand only, those who are in there. Many things about any facts usually deform to not recognize it. xkolox where you’ve got such information? By the way i won’t to search a sourse. Let it be on their conscience I am assured it was one of people who are obviously hate us (no comments). Outlaw Hero Standing – band which is a shame to call it in general here, it is an embodiment of idiocy, dullness and degradation. People who deform and spoil our culture. Artem Jay never was on friendly terms with OHS, it had once a dialogue with drummer OHS on musical things until he has known what they are engaged in and WTF.
It is bitter experience of how it is important to know the person with whom you start to communicate and not always possible to understand about his essence. This topic is closed for us and for all our friends and supporters and we ask not to lift more about it in our side. Concerning football hooligans….Yes it’s true and not secret for everyone that in Russia, as well as in many countries of east and west Europe many football hooligans are boneheads. And this full of shit. But it does not concern all absolutely. We have a lot a lot of friends concerning to football hooliganism, but they are not all boneheads. Moscow very big daily here income 18mln people and every second person from hc scene has friends in «near football», what not in case should not rank it as dialogue/friendship with nazi. On the end, friends, be attentive, whom you add in social networks or with new people with whom you communicate…Take care xxx