Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Hey everybody
Im glad everyone has enjoyed the zines we've uploaded recently. I have more that Ive scanned and will upload but I havent been able to scan all of them. Mainly the reason is the way they are stapled sometimes prevents a good scan. It makes very difficult to get all of the content...also being that the issues are not mine, I dont want to take out the staples. Ive done the best I could to scan the interviews and anything else important in the issues but may have no scanned the entire issue. We appreciate the feedback and I just wanted to let you guys know how that was going.



Pablo Diablo said...

Gentle mens,

I have various Zines my crew & I so lovingly cut & pasted in the late 80's to mid 90's and distributed through out the North Coast hXc territory-from Detroit to Buffalo(we were from Clevo). They had different names, Burning Lake Chaos, Dead End Kid Times, and honestly weren't hugely popular. Well to my great joy, I came across our master copies recently...I am getting copies of all of them made(under 20 issues) to give to all the people involved who are still around...if you want copies send your contact info to me via my myspace: myspace.com/moshmadison

we were in Clevo, so most content revolves around Clevo, Akron/Canton, Erie hXc...show pix(suprisingly good) some interviews, most have a graffiti section, all have random people @ shows spouting off about whatevs, a lot of shit talking about authority, hippies, fakes in the scene, druggies(even though we weren't sXe)and alot of pranks & scams.