Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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This is for you guys out there who love your Christian hardcore. So you may be saying "Who the hell is Set Apart"? Set Apart was the other Christian hardcore band in South Florida, the previous being Strongarm. Very nice guys who, unlike many Christian bands and followers, supported all bands, not just the Christian ones. These tracks were from a split CD with Tampa's Chalice and while the recording is not incredible, the songs are good. Very reminiscent of Strongarm's sound, in that its technical and melodic but still moshy. Make sure to check out track 4 "Proven Wrong" which bears a VERY strong resemblance to Strongarm's "Stand Together". Again, I am not a big fan of Christian hardcore but there are the few bands that stood out. These guys eventually broke up and the singer, Jason, started Glasseater. The band's last bass player, Anthony, would also join Glasseater.

Set Apart - Split with Chalice



jav said...

Unashamed > any other christian hardcore band

ps on this coast we called it "spirit filled hardcore"

xjustinx said...

Holy shit, I remember people calling it Spirit Filled Hardcore up here too. Still made me laugh either way.

Anonymous said...

Zao/Trainig For Utopia Great Split!

JohnDZ said...

Hey Chip, do you have the Chalice part of the CD you could post,they were SWFL locals, I have been trying to get it again forever.

Angeltread said...

bummed this doesnt have the chalice side of things.