Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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As requested, heres the demo from Atlanta's Paid In Blood. 3 songs of fast heavy hardcore. Pretty sure this was released in 2003. Atlanta's Foundation actually covered a song from this demo on their split with Meantime. You can order the 7 inch here


Paid In Blood - Demo


d.l. lobos said...

anyone out there have the atlanta band Cold Stare's demo or the Creations End unreleased EP that was supposed to come out on HCNL? i'd love to hear those again. I have all the old Instilled (pre-foundation) demos if anyone's interested. also, at some point Foundation's singer briefly had a band called Crossbearer (not the current one from atlanta)... i'd love to hear their demo again, too.

B-Vaughan said...

i know i have the Cold Stare demo on my computer, not sure about the other ones. but i can upload at least that if you want.

Anonymous said...

reup please!