Friday, October 30, 2009

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If you've followed us since we changed formats, one thing I've (Chip) made clear is my love for EMS and Brother's Keeper. Always a band that was out doing something different, they were definately a band that you either loved or hated. They were one I loved and were always extremely friendly and generous, taking my old band out on tour a few times. Through this relationship, EMS's label, Surprise Attack Records, asked to put out my next band All Hell Breaks Loose and for this I am grateful. Always hardworking and always out to make sure the bands are not getting ripped off, EMS runs one of the best DIY hardcore labels in the US.
Since the start of a zine called Surprise Attack, EMS has always kept a grass roots approach to the zine and label, making very little for himself and always putting 100% back into the label. He started off with a 7 inch from Outcome and then hooked up with Erie, PA legends xDisciplex. This really got the ball rolling and he eventually released the Erie Scene Report comp as well as the Transformers loving Shockwave 7 inch/cassette. Through constant touring with Brother's Keeper, the label was able to reach a wider fan base and EMS was able to release records from foreign bands such as Coming of the New Messiah and ShotPointBlank. Never afraid to take a chance, he has released records for Japan's Loyal to the Grave and Belgium's Rise And Fall (before they signed with Deathwish). A constant supporter of all things local, Eric released the demo for Erie's Problem Solver Revolver as well as a 7 inch for his own band, Brother's Keeper.
Over the last couple of years, SA Mob has released records for Prayer For Cleansing, Die Young, Where It Ends, Seven Generations, and When Tigers Fight. Also he will be releasing the Unrestrained (Justin's band) 7 inch soon. Eric also recently purchased Forward Hall in Erie, PA. and continues to have all ages shows there, continues to play music in Smoke and Mirrors, and co-owns Ink Assassin Tattoos and Piercings in Erie (busy guy). I'm glad to have worked with him and I hope he continues to release records he likes and support the bands that are out there, working hard.

For more information, check out the Surprise Attack Records website for more info as well as the store for huge distro as well as all the SA Mob releases.


AJ said...

Glad to see him/this label getting the props it deserves.