Thursday, October 22, 2009

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From Hartsfield's music Myspace blog:

Ok, just found this jem in the garage in a box.

In 1991 John Coyle moved to San Francisco and left Outspoken with a big decision to deal with. Were we going to deal with flying John down/to every show we were set to play or find a new vocalist? Well, the first idea that came up was to find a new guitar player and have myself move to vocals. At band practice it seemed to sound pretty good but the real test would be in the studio.

"Nothing Left" was recorded during the Solitude demo session in Riverside CA sometime in 1991. The song features Dennis Remsing on the drums and myself doing the guitar, bass and vocals. After hearing the final results I HATED the sound of my own voice so it was shelved for almost 20 years. Enjoy...