Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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It's come to my attention that John Dudeck has taken ill. For those that don't know, John was the founder/owner of Very Distro. I remember buying a 7" in the mid 90s, and their was a small xerox ad for Very Distro inside of it. After sending an SASE (if you don't know what that is, you're not old enough) to get a catalog, I made dozens upon dozens of orders from Very over the years, and spent an untold thousands of dollars. In those early days, I would often get a written note from John along with my order, and he was always a very friendly guy. Simply by starting Very, I know he's had an impact on many people's lives. There's currently a website up that details his illness, and there's even a guestbook where you can leave him your thoughts while he's in the hospital. Please go take a look and drop a line:


Cheesegrater said...
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Anonymous said...

Gonna leave a comment reminding him that he owes me money.

Unknown said...

Man I always got along with him and very. The were such a great distro, very diverse. Also when they closed I had no problem getting my merch back and paid (unlike how Lumber Jack worked my anus over) F U Dirk you scum bag (don't support his rip off label Dog House)

Anonymous said...

RIP John Dudeck

August 13th, 2012

Thank you John for all the amazing music you turned me on to 20 years ago before there was an internet, facebook and even email. Your record distro linked together a scene across continents.

Great guy.
Im still listening. RIP.

Anonymous said...

RIP Johnny.