Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Stuck In The Past Distro and Webstore
Stuck In The Past Distro and Webstore

Finally got around to updating the webstore...Ive received loads of stuff so please check it out and see if there is anything you me get out of debt. Many of these I only received 1 or 2 copies of so once they're gone, that's it. Ive also got a few 10 inches that Ill add tomorrow so check back for that.

7 inches
-Abnegation / Chapter - Split
-As I Bleed / Denied Reality - Split
-A Death Between Seasons - Weighing Contradictions Through Gravity
-Dragbody / Burial Ground - Split
-Inner Dam - The Last Second Of Forever
-Mainstrike - Self Titled
-Next2Nothing - To Have Courage, But No Conscience
-Polyglot / Fall From Grace - Split
-Purification - Vessel Of Wrath
-Reinforce - One Life Thug Free
-Reserve 34 - Self Titled
-Shear - ...East Coast '997
-Strength Approach - Just Leaving Home
-Strength Approach - Keep The Standards High
-Strength In Numbers - The Youth
-Trephine - Reprogram...Recondition
-Various Artists - As We Look To The Future

12 Inches
-Disembodied - Psalms Of Sheol (LP)
-Earthmover - Death Carved In Every Word (LP)

-Amulet - The Burning Sphere
-Another Reason - Take Control
-Bleeding Through - Dust To Ashes
-Capture The Flag - Walking Away From Everything
-Congress - Angry With The Sun
-Day Of Mourning / Clenched Fist - Split
-Disembodied - Psalms Of Sheol (CD)
-Earthmover - Death Carved In Every Word (CD)
-Eighteen Visions - The Best Of
-Eyeball - More Days To Come
-Fragment - Answers
-Holding On - Self Titled
-Holdstrong - Nothing In Return
-The Killing Flame - Another Breath
-Liar - Deathrow Earth
-The Mistake - Fuck Everything Up
-No Reason - I Thought This Was Our Time
-Our War - If You're Not Now...You're Fucking Dead
-Pflanz - Persistence Through An Undying Heart
-The Purpose - Art As A Weapon
-Reaching Forward - Burning The Lies
-Soulstice - Raze The Earth
-Sportswear - ST
-Trephine - Self Titled
-Unborn - Truth Against The World
-Various Artists - All Systems Go!
-Various Artists - Fight The World, Not Each Other: A Tribute To 7 Seconds
-Walls Of Jericho - The Bound Feed The Gagged
-Withdrawn - Seeds Of Inhumanity


xjesseex said...

i snatched that reserve 34 7" as quick as possible. where did you find that? that band was amazing. it is also of note that members of it went on to form the legendary go it alone.

xCHIPxSEM said...

I got it from Andy Dempz (Plus Minus Records). He had it in his old distro which was collecting dust in his garage. Ill be sending it out tomorrow to you...thanks for your support

xjesseex said...

that rules, thanks man. i am stoked for the abnegation split too. i am a big supporter of what you are doing with this. keep it up.

Nab said...

Fuck I wanted to score that, as soon as I saw this post I went to the store but I was too late...