Friday, March 26, 2010

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Knut from Switzerland has been around since 1994 and are still going strong, in fact their new album 'Wonder' will be out in May/June. Their sound can only be described as devastating and crushing. Intense, abrasive and loud stuff, tho they've added more mellow parts to their sound over the years. Here's a self-released and hand-made CD-R of theirs called 'DIY CD1' from 1999, which I got on their European tour with Creation Is Crucifixion. My copy's numbered 009/200 on the CD itself, so I guess there's only 200 of these. From what I gathered it was supposed to be the 1st in a series, but I'm fairly certain they never did a follow-up. It's got the 2 songs off the 'Ordeal' 7" on it (also from 1999) plus an extra song. Great stuff. This CD would later be re-released as a self-titled EP on their current label, Hydrahead, with an additional track (from their split 7" with Tantrum).

That show with CIC was fuckin' loud btw, it was at a squat and the show was in a room without any sort of soundproofing, so the sound bounced around the room a lot... Great sets by both CIC and Knut, but I wish I had worn earplugs that show. Either way, awesome bands, and all shows I've seen of both bands were loud and great.

Knut - DIY CD #1
Knut myspace


Conan Vice Grip said...

You're incredibly lucky, I fawned over CIC in my teens.