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In June of 2009, Disembodied played Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. I set the two shows up, and I really tried to get a mix of "old" and "new" bands. I tried to get SO many OC bands from the 90s and beyond, and not too many people wanted to play believe it or not. One band that I somehow convinced to play was Mean Season.
I've been a huge fan of Mean Season since I first heard the 7" in like 1993. I saw them many times, including their last show. I even somehow wrangled the members together to do 3 songs with me singing at the very last show at the Showcase Theatre in Corona, CA.

Anyway, at these Disembodied shows, I asked the sound guy, Lucas, to record every band. We had talks about doing a live comp, and about doing an "official" Disembodied bootleg of the shows, but nothing really ever came out. In fact, I'm the only person who's ever heard most of these recordings, as we never got around to properly polishing the tracks up, etc.
What you have here is a documentation of the Mean Season set from June 5th, 2009. The band that night was original singer, guitar and bass players Aaron, Brian and Colin, with Steven Miller on 2nd guitar and Matthew Horwitz on drums. Quite a line up. The setlist is awesome, covering songs from their entire discography, as well as a couple of cool covers (you'll have to download to find out what they were).

Enjoy this.

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Jon said...
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Jon said...

Awesome. Thanks for this Jav. Any chance of the other bands sets ever being heard?

thanks again

dangerclose said...

Nice!!Thanks for this!!

Carlos said...

thanks a lot for this!!!, Ive been loooking for a post about that show. the audio is great!! are there more photos maybe?..

javier said...

there is a chance that the Disembodied sets will show up, maybe in more of an "official" capacity. there were two nights to cull from, so who knows.
the other bands? you might want to hear the 7 Generations stuff, otherwise... meh. not worth it. i cant even find the master cds to be honest. somewhere in my office.
there are some good photos that Keith Barney took here
and you can find videos on youtube. i havent seen any photos of other bands. maybe Danielle Dombrowski has some?

youre welcom.

XemonerdX said...

Amazing! Thanxxx.