Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Someone asked me to up this some time ago and I just realized I hadn't yet. This band was the precursor to Floorpunch featuring future members of said band as well members of Endeavor. The band was formerly known as Kurbjaw. This was released only on vinyl by Resurrection AD Records, a New Jersey based label that focused mainly on its local scene. To the best of my knowledge, Spirit only released this 7 inch before disbanding. 4 songs of fast old style straight edge hardcore. Again, sorry to whomever requested this before for my taking so long to get it upped.

Spirit - Self Titled


frailamerica said...

This was/is such a good record. Shame there was only the 7".

facextomorrow said...

Thank you! was searching for that record for months.. great one.

irishxhooligan said...

please turn this to mp3 files!!!!1