Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Neckbrace was a vegan sXe band from the UK in the early to mid '90s. In 1994 they released their only record, a self-titled 7", possible demo('s) notwithstanding. To me, this is a self-titled 7" anyways, but it sometimes shows up on lists with the titles 'Better Way', which is the first song on here, or 'X' cuz of the drawing on the cover. Either way, this 7" is pretty damn solid, mid-tempo chugga chugga from start to finish, all good, I love this sorta stuff. Singer Heath would join Stampin' Ground after this band, and I believe another member did some time in Unborn after this band as well.

The 7" was released by No Cruelty Records out of Germany, which was run by people who at the time affiliated themselves with hardline, they even ran the Hardline Germany chapter. The label was shortlived tho, with only this 7" and an audio cookbook as releases. My copy of the 7" comes with a tiny booklet entitled 'Warum Vegan? Why Vegan?' which holds some information about veganism in both German and English, some addresses and such. The label's address is listed in here as the 'Hardline X Germany' address. I included scans of the booklet as well.

Neckbrace 7"


Anonymous said...

Cool find. I used to play in a band with Heath but I've never actually heard this before. Good guy, shame he sold out.

POI Nx16 said...

I was in Neckbrace for about a month, although not on this record. BTW, Heath does some additional vox on the upcoming Rot In Hell LP to be released on Deathwish.

Anonymous said...

Thanks !


Anonymous said...

I was the second guitarist for Neckbrace at the time this EP was released. The recording had already been made when I joined and so I'm not actually on it. I gave away all of my copies away back then and now only have an original pressing without cover.
After Neckbrace disbanded I played guitar in the studio for Unborn on one EP.