Saturday, July 10, 2010

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From 1124 Records:
I'm selling 5 copies of the test pressing of the To Us It Was So Much More - Chain of Strength Double 7"Compilation on 1124 Records.
All 10 songs from the 2 COS 7"s
The record should be out in about 2 weeks but you can get a copy early.

Each one comes in a silk screened cover (courtesy of Chris Daily & DSP) and each record is hand stamped.
The total amount will go to the Peaceable Kingdom charity straight from your paypal payment.
Peaceable Kingdom is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supported by business and community partners and concerned citizens in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. They provide care and shelter to animals that are lost, injured or abandoned. They offer no-kill solutions to the growing crisis of dog and cat overpopulation. Whether it's rescuing animals stranded by natural disaster, holding all-night adoption marathons or educating the public on animal welfare, Peaceable Kingdom is always in the forefront.

I am not making a single cent off of these and will cover shipping in the US and share the postage for overseas buyers.

Song List:
Just How Much - The Geeks
True Til Death - One Choice
There Is A Difference - Ambitions
Never Understand - Mindset
Let Down - Unrestrained
Best Of Times - Envision
Too Deep Until Now - Reign Supreme
The Space Between - Offsides
Hurts To Ask - Remission
Through These Eyes - The Defense