Thursday, July 1, 2010

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I feel terrible because I was forwarded this at least a week ago and it slipped through my fingers. Mourningside AD is out on tour now and could use some help with getting to the next show. Check out their merch store and pick up a shirt to help them out. Here are the tour dates...again, sorry guys for taking so long.

June 30 Off Broadway w/Feel Bad Now in Sacramento

July 1 TBA w/Feel Bad Now

July 2 Casey's House w/Feel Bad Now, Lemuria in Bellingham

July 3 Downtown YMCA w/Feel Bad Now, Envision in Seattle

July 5 TBA Southern Oregon w/Feel Bad Now

July 6 San Francisco w/Feel Bad Now


Anonymous said...

Im a little confused, rich punched fish for stealing his girlfriend and another cat stole some property?

Anonymous said...

man, I remember hearing about ALL of this when we would come over from the other coast to go to shows, made you want to keep your head down,
"Constant scheming and craziness. You never really knew who was your friend or out to get you"... being in a band that would play at the Q and other east coast places but wasn't really a part of that scene, we always felt like we didn't really have friends and that everyone looked at us like posers, you learned to stay out of teh drama and not give a shit after a while, great interview, keep em comin', comin' correct!