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Here's a relatively short-lived French band from the late '90s who I feel never really got the recognition they deserved. Which is unfortunate, Children really had something special going on. Anyways, as far as I know this is a complete discography of this band.

Children started off with their 1997 demo called 'Dead - The Story Of A Suicide'. A pretty good 30-minute long demo which already showed some signs of what was about to come. They play mostly heavy & mid-tempo hardcore on here with plenty of massive backup vocals. It still sounds like they were searching for their own sound, not all the songs on here are great, but especially 'Animal Cycle' and outro 'Dead' are awesome.

They then appeared with 2 songs on the classic late '90s French hardcore compilation, 'The Nightmare Remains... In This Other Land', which I posted a while ago.

Next up is their first proper release, the 'Impedimenta' full-length. One of my favorite records to ever come out of France. A massive progression from the demo. Children found their sound, they're experimenting & trying all sorts of things without losing track of writing actual songs. The breaking glass in 'Schizophrenia' for instance blends in so well with (the atmosphere of) the song and is not just a mere sound-effect. Awesome, intense and unique metallic hardcore. Released on Overcome records in 1999 as a digipack CD only, it still manages to impress me to this day.

After the full-length they ended up doing a split 7" with Cave-In which was released in late 1999 on Mosh Bart Industries (a label done by Loïc, one of the people behind Overcome Records). There's just one new Children song on here but still more than worth it. 'Inner War' would've fit perfectly on 'Impedimenta', and is again an awesome track that displays Children's talent perfectly. The Cave-In track is a 'club mix' done by Kurt Ballou of 'Bottom Feeder' from their 'Until Your Heart Stops' album and is fairly forgettable in my opinion.
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Children - 'Dead - The Story Of A Suicide' demo
Children - 'Impedimenta' CD
Children / Cave-In split 7"
Children myspace


Fred said...

Good stuff, thanks a lot !

ed helban said...

i don't know where you have found the demo, but thanks a lot! CHILDREN are one of my favorite french band! awesome sound!

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Please re upload the children stuff, the links are all dead.

Awesome site , thank you so much for all this work.

XemonerdX said...

UNBREAKABLE8131, I re-upped it all a few days ago, enjoy!

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thank you so much man! You're the best!