Thursday, July 15, 2010

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As One Day Savior Records has been dormant for a few years, I've been picking up some of their releases to make sure I get my hands on them before they also go the way of the Do-Do. I realized that I didn't own the first CD from North Carolina's vegan machine, Undying. So I checked Amazon the other day and found a copy for about $7 used, not a bad find. The picture and description show the One Day Savior release so much to my surprise, when I opened the package, I received the original 5th Column Conspiracy release.
Originally released by 5th Column Conspiracy, a NC-based label, this was later re-released by One Day Savior Records. Again, as so much of what we at Stuck In The Past as well as our readers listen to, this record has since gone out of print leaving it up to us to preserve this. I scanned the layout as well the actual disc art and all are included in the link. I scanned the lyrics but in the end, chose not to include them and here's why: the lyrics are incredibly hard to read (courtesy of the font) and cut off on the spine. If you want them, Ill post them but just offering you guys a heads up. Also, if anyone owns a copy of the One Day Savior release and would like to send us a scan of the layout to post, get in touch and we'll give you full credit.
For now, enjoy the first offering from North Carolina's Undying.

Undying - This Day All Gods Die


Alex said...

someone should post their split with Unearth. its the only thing ive never heard from the band.

christopher said...

I have their demo. Fifth Column Conspiracy I think was one of the guys who played in Catharsis. 1000 were pressed and sold out pretty quick from what I remember.

Anonymous said...

is it true that brian from catharsis did the vocals on "the whispered lies of angels" ?