Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Per Philippe Arama:

This is a song that we recorded in February 2010. It has already been re-recorded and will appear in our new 7" along with 2 other new songs. The release will be handled by an outstanding hardcore label, REACT! Records and will be available before the end of this year. Thanks for reading!


Winds Of Promise:
Look into these eyes and read sincerity. I'm driven to you by a flow. It's sprung from the soul, encircles the heart and finds its way out in the form of love. It's harder for you to say what we both feel. Crime's won't go unpunished, soon you'll know it's real.
These feelings towards you, profound, intensified. Rebuilding my loss with a question: Will you let me be yours? because I love you more, so much more.
Winds Of Promise are here to stay and I won't have it any other way because these winds of promise with truthful love will end the solace for you.