Saturday, August 28, 2010

Posted by xjustinx |
For those unaware, Backlash was a hardcore band from the armpit of the United States (New Jersey) that lasted from 1991 - 1997. They didn't fit any of the typical molds of mid 90s hardcore, in that they weren't a straight edge band, nor were they an East Coast tough guy band. Backlash were kind hanging out in the middle ground, just playing great, mostly mid-paced hardcore.
This 28 song, double LP discography encompasses the band's entire existence, but also doesn't lose itself by adding any mediocre live recordings. I've owned backlash recordings via a few comps and a 7", and they always sounded really good, but the recordings sound even better now thanks to a re-mastering job. The bass tones come through exceptionally big and clear, and the high end has no screech factor. Aside from the music, one of the stars of this discography is the packaging. The double LP set comes in a beautiful gatefold package with high gloss overlays. The records also come in a few different colors, so head over to myspace to check out a few tracks, and then make your way over to the 1124 Records webstore to pick up a copy, or 3.