Thursday, August 26, 2010

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If there is one thing I appreciate, its a band who puts effort into their releases. Whether it's a demo or a label release, the effort a band puts into the release shows me how dedicated they are and how much they care about what they are doing. Distressed has shown me (for the second time) that they are a band with an agenda and a message that they want to spread. The band is the only band that has actually sent me physical copies of their releases twice to review which shows me that they are passionate and believe in what they say, something that goes a long way with me. The band released this themselves on both CD and 10 inch format. I have yet to see the 10 inch but the CD looks great coming in a cardboard type digipak, silk screened on both the inside and out as well as on the actual disc. As before, the lyric sheet includes explanations of what the songs are about.
If you missed my review of their demo a few months back, click here to go back and read it. The band has made leaps and bounds in progressing their style of 90s influenced hardcore. The band kicks off the first track, "What's Been Handed To Us", with a solid build up into an Excessive Force influenced chug with a Culture lead. The band's chug style also reminds me alot of some of the newer bands like Gather or Seven Generations. As the record progresses, I hear so much of a Culture influence coming through. The recording again is top notch with the levels being topped off at what seems to be just right.
Lyrically, the band continues dealing with topics they feel strongly about including the government but the fact they included a song about racism is something that made me happy. I have felt that racism has made its way back into the hardcore scene, whether it be joking or not, and should be addressed on a grand scale. Its nice to see the band standing up for something that I agree with.
My only gripe with this is its only four songs, one being an instrumental. This is what happened with the demo and it left me wanting more. I really don't know why they haven't been picked up by a label yet because I see them doing big things in the future. Overall, a great second effort and I'm very excited to see what the band has in store next.

Distressed on Myspace

EDIT: A few people asked where they could pick this. Here's a contact email for the band...that would be your best bet.

Distressed Email


Dan said...

where can i buy this?

AndyVegan said...

weird, i got a ten inch from them while they were touring the east coast with totally different songs. i just looked and they are the songs on the demo minus the chokehold cover. where can i buy this at?

xCHIPxSEM said...

The band sent it to me as a promo. Email them at

Anonymous said...

unfortunatley this band just broke up. We(parasitic skies) just played their last show the other week.

Anonymous said...

Would love a DL link for this.

Anonymous said...

would like to hear this, anybody have a DL