Saturday, August 14, 2010

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Here is the first release (after 2 demo's) by Swedish hardcore 'legends' Refused. Hailing from Umeå, Sweden, they began in 1991 and played their final show in 1998. I'm not going to write down a biography or anything like that here, just check the Wikipedia page or google around. For me, their finest hour came with the 'Everlasting' EP (one of the best European hardcore records from the '90s IMHO), and not with the subsequent full-lengths, 'Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent' and 'The Shape Of Punk To Come', which are generally seen as their best records. Maybe I just prefer the more straight-forward and less pretentious Refused. Either way, it's hard to deny they had a huge impact on the Swedish hardcore scene, especially in their hometown Umeå, and to some extent outside of Sweden as well. I've seen them live several times, and they definitely rocked. But yeah, their later stuff just rubs me the wrong way. So to counter that, here's their first proper record, the 'This Is The New Deal' MCD. Recorded in 1993 on Burning Heart Records it features a far more old school Refused. Great fast hardcore with already fairly socially aware & politically motivated lyrics. Good stuff.

Refused - This Is The New Deal MCD


Marcus said...

Probably the best album ever. Made a huge impact om my life, totally shaped my music intress political view and also what I eat.

uåXhc 4 life!