Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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While not technically a 90's band, Judge did have a HUGE hand in turning the 90s into what it became, for better or worse. I received an email from my Polish brother living in Tokyo, Dobek Ohashi, who is still cleaning out his record collection and is putting up this extremely limited gem for sale. Does it seem like a lot? Sure...but will someone buy it before the week is over? Probably. We're giving you a chance to get a jump on everyone else and get this extremely rare piece of hardcore history. Dude is 100% legit and won't rip you off...he's also selling an original X-Rated Swatch. If I had the money, Id snatch this but with my upcoming wedding, I just can't shell out the cash. Either way, Dobek's got loads of other stuff as well so check his site and help him out.

Dobek's Record Store

Dobek's Chung King for sale

Dobek's X Swatch that he should just send to me because he loves me


Alex said...

dude, that price is OUTRAGEOUS! anti-hxc all the fuckin way!

Anonymous said...

did you all see this black friday ltd copy?! thats mine!!!!!
I had buy it 2 years ago together with an shirt from this guy!!!
wait a lang time of the shit and than he told me "sorry, it might be lost"
And now, I see this record here for 39bucks!!!!
"Dude is 100% legit and won't rip you off..." scornfully laughting!!!!!!!