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Here's part 3 of my interview with Rich Thurston. In this installment, we discuss the break up of Culture, One Nation Under, Toybox Records and his move to Ohio. We've still got one more session to post so enjoy this third installment of my interview with Rich. Again, I want to preface this by stating that the opinions expressed belong to Rich and do not reflect Stuck In The Past as a whole.

Rich: So I wanted to add something to what we talked about last time.

Stuck In the Past: Okay.

Rich: Just a little statement really. The most important thing to remember about the scene back then was it was so incredibly chaotic. Constant scheming and craziness. You never really knew who was your friend or who was out to get you. No one hardly ever made good decisions. Did I do alot of shady shit? Absolutely. My middle name was bad decision. However...I took alot of blame and heat for shit that everyone else was doing too. Thats all I'm gonna say about that.

Stuck In the Past: Okay I wanted to pick up with you guys signing to Goodlife.

Rich: Alright.

Stuck In the Past: How did you guys end up signing with Goodlife?

Rich: Well the band relocated to Gainesville. Josh and Gordon and some of our friends from the area moved up there. Steve Looker made his Culture debut there as well. He moved down from Ohio. We were just starting to write new music and all that when I got some huge ass package from Goodlife. A bunch of cds and all that. In the letter that came with it, Edward expressed his interest in us.

Stuck In the Past: Was there a specific reason for the move to Gainesville?

Rich: Just a move we wanted to do. South Florida had run its course. I, for obvious reasons, was ready to move. It just sort of happened.

Stuck In the Past: So you guys moved and Edward began to express interest. Who's idea was the re-release of Born of You?

Rich: That happened during a discussion in Edwards kitchen. It was the last day of tour in Europe and we were just discussing the future, That came up

Stuck In the Past: Did you guys have a record out in Europe at that time?

Rich: We had the split with Kindred and the Heteronome ep. It was funny.... I remember sitting there writing those songs like it was yesterday.

Stuck In The Past: For those 2 releases?

Rich: Well the songs on the split were the first new Culture songs in two years at the time. It was a big deal to me coming off the court stuff and the drama. It was an accomplishment.

Stuck In The Past: How was the band received when you guys went to Europe?

Rich: Like Rockstars. Ha. Apparently we were some kind of a big deal. Ha. Morning Again was there at the same time as we were which was funny. No matter how much we tried to play it down, we were in constant competition.

Stuck In The Past: How so?

Rich: We always wanted to do better, be bigger, etc etc. I think if we helped each other instead of trying to beat each other we all would have been better.

Stuck In The Past: Was it just a friendly competition type thing? You guys werent out trying to sabotage each other were you?

Rich: No, nothing malicious. The occasional shit talking and this and that. Overall it was friendly. Speaking of Europe and friendly competition, I have a comment about this upcoming Morning Again European tour.

Stuck In The Past: Alright

Rich: About 5 months ago or so, Damien and I toyed with the idea of maybe writing a couple of new songs for Culture and trying to do a European tour. We asked Mr. John Wylie about it. He said it was a bad idea because the Euorpean kids would be pissed because we used to all be vegan and sxe and arent one or the other now. At the time it made sense. Fast forward to now.... Morning Again is gonna go. Were they not sxe? Were they not Vegan? Just seems funny to me... but whatever.

Stuck In The Past: True but in Morning Again's defense they weren't as vocal about veganism or straight edge as Culture was. The band was vegan straight edge but I dont think they ever dealt with either topic in their lyrics...thats just an outside looking in perspective.

Rich: They had three x's in their logo. They were just as sxe and vegan as us. Vocal or not. They were a bit more artsy about their lyrics but just like us nontheless.

Stuck In The Past: Fair enough. Where does Toybox Records fit into all of this?

Rich: You know whats funny about Toybox? I have no idea how it fits in. I really dont. Ha. I can't remember. I dont think we ever did a thing with them. Ha.

Stuck In The Past: Well you guys did at least 2-3 shirts designs and the "Mike Warden Can Suck It" record which never saw the light of day.

Rich: Yeah... I meant music-wise.

Stuck In The Past: Sean Bonner ran the label right?

Rich: Yes sir. Solid dude.

Stuck In The Past: Whats the story behind the "Mike Warden Can Suck It" session?

Rich: Well we were on a "ripping off Judge phase". We made the Judge rip off shirt. We hated Mike so we figured what a perfect idea. Ha.

Stuck In The Past: You guys even recorded a cover of "Fed Up"

Rich: I wasnt in the band anymore at that point. I don't think they did though. I wish they had.

Stuck In The Past: They did record it. I can send it to you if you want it.

Rich: Please do! I didn't know they did. I just saw them play it live one time in Cincinnati

Stuck In The Past: Tell me about your leaving the band.

Rich: I was kicked out. Ha. Europe, aside from playing the shows and seeing the sites, was a nightmare. Didn't get along with anyone. Classic case of too many chiefs, not enough indians. We were so immature. It really was bad. I came to Ohio right after the tour and while I was gone the band kicked me out. I was the last remaining original member.

Stuck In The Past: Were you real bitter about it? You said you saw them play the Judge cover in Ohio.

Rich: I was pissed only because they did it when I wasn't around. I didnt even get to argue my case or anything. I was bitter at first. I was really pissed actually. I saw all of MY hard work wasted. I busted my ass. I started that band and in my mind it was stolen from me. Later on, I came to not care as much. The band broke up and that was that. Its kind of like when you break up with a girl you love. Hurts like hell until you find a new one.

Stuck In The Past: So the band ended up calling it quits and you were living in Ohio?

Rich: Yeah. I stayed in Gainseville for a bit but I needed to leave Florida. I had enough of that place. The band broke up after a few more lineup changes and I think one more European tour. I think.

Stuck In The Past: Did the band do the member switch with Morning Again (Joe and Steve) while you were still in the band?

Rich: No. I was out.... then Steve went to Morning Again after a bit. Thats really where he always wanted to be I think anyways.

Stuck In The Past: Okay so you moved to Ohio...did you start a band right away or just kinda chilled out for a bit?

Rich: I started a band ASAP. It was called Elijahs Message. Nothing religious or anything. I had some stuff I had starting writing before my stay with Culture ended so I wanted to get it recorded.

Stuck In The Past: And did you?

Rich: Yeah. 3 songs I think. I have the cd downstairs. Ha.

Stuck In The Past: Is that the band that became One Nation Under?

Rich: No. That was a whole different band.

Stuck In The Past: Well I think you need to send me those Elijah's Message tracks for us to post haha.

Rich: That's fine. I can do that.

Stuck In The Past: Did you guys play any shows?

Rich: A couple here and there. The only out of town show we played was in St. Louis. Ha

Stuck In The Past: What did you do after that?

Rich: Well that band just sort of stopped. I didnt do anything for about a month or so then my friend JC called me. He had moved to CT to play guitar for Blood Has Been Shed. They needed a bass player. I was packing my bags.

Stuck In The Past: How long did you do that for?

Rich: I was in BHBS for a little over a year.

Stuck In The Past: Did you record with them?

Rich: Yeah. I recorded the first full length on Ferret. I credit that band for making me a million times better as a musician.

Stuck In The Past: Yeah they were pretty technical.

Rich: Nothing like I had ever done. The bass parts werent that hard. They had some weird timing. When I switched over to guitar easy turned to hard. Ha

Stuck In The Past: hahaha

Stuck In The Past: Why did you leave BHBS?

Rich: Well Corey's (guitar player) dad had cancer. Corey had to basically take over the family landscaping business. We were playing a show here or there but I wanted more. Plus, we were totally different people.

Stuck In The Past: So there was no bad blood?

Rich: Not really. I feel like they wasted my time a little bit but whatever. That was so long again. I do cherish that band though.

Stuck In The Past: Did you move back to Ohio?

Rich: Yep. Thats when One Nation Under started. We started off as a real metal band.

Stuck In The Past: I've had a few people ask me to go in depth about One Nation Under.

Rich: Well lets do it.

Stuck In The Past: How did you guys get started?

Rich: Well when I decided I was moving back, I immediately started finding people to play with when I got back. I knew I wanted to keep playing music. I wanted it to be metal like BHBS but a bit more structured. I found some guys and got started. The first name of the band was BROKEN GLASS EVERYWHERE. Later it was changed to One Nation Under and Broken Glass Everywhere became a song.

Stuck In The Past: Did you record a demo as Broken Glass Everywhere?

Rich: Yeah.... it was real rough and never mixed. It had no vocals either. Ha. Just the basic music.

Stuck In The Past: Where'd the name come from?

Rich: Broken Glass Everywhere was just a rough ass name. Ha. No real meaning behind it. One Nation Under was like a statement. The nation is under attack from drugs and alchohol. Its under attack by the media and big business. We were trying to make a statement. Open some eyes.

Stuck In The Past: Do you feel like you were able to make that statement with the band?

Rich: I do. I wrote the lyrics and music. I was in control. I handled all band business. It was my band. I had a lot of anger and alot of aggression building up in me and I feel like I could voice that in the band.

Stuck In The Past: How did you end up signing with Alveran?

Rich: Well we played the second Hellfest. The one where Earth Crisis "broke up". Ha. To me, that was the best Hellfest. Anyways... John was there and I wanted him to check us out. I remember it like it was yesterday. We played the first day like 5th. The four bands before us were boring annoying crybaby emo nonsense. Right before we played Matt Dunn got on the mic and started with one of his now famous speeches. He introduced the band. From the first note all hell broke loose. It was sick. John was into it. Eulogy and Alveran were working together.

Stuck In The Past: That was a great year.

Rich: I loved it man. Those days are long gone. People dont give a shit like that anymore.

Stuck In The Past: Hellfest was THE fest you looked forward to.

Rich: Yup. Furnace Fest was decent but didnt compare. I went to the first Super Bowl Of Hardcore in NY. That was just scary. Ha

Stuck In The Past: Do you recall anything specific about recording the record?

Rich: We went to Mike Hasty (Walls Of Jericho) to record in Detroit, MI. He knew what we wanted to do. We all were friends with him so it was easy. When we were done, I felt like we had done something great. Maybe not original, but great. Listening to the recording now I would love to go back and do some things different but I think any band can say that i'm sure.

Stuck In The Past: I remember when that record came out. South Florida was way into it

Rich: Wish we would have played down there. I think alot of people were into it. Some people wouldnt support it because I was in it but I guess that is to be expected.

Stuck In The Past: How long was the band together for?

Rich: Ya know i'm not really sure. Probably like 2 years

Stuck In The Past: Was that full length the only thing you guys recorded?

Rich: We recorded three songs for a split with a band from here that never came out.

Stuck In The Past: I think we need those as well.

Rich: I am not even sure if I have them. I think I have like one of the three.

Stuck In The Past: Why did the band break up?

Rich: I was really tired of doing everything. At the same time I didn't want anyone else to do it. I was just getting tired of playing with those guys. This is around the time that we played with Terror at Furnace Fest. I had known Scott Vogel for years and years. Culture played shows with Despair a bunch. He told me that the bass player they had was on his way out. I wanted in so thats how that started and ONU ended really. I told ONU they could keep going but without me doing everything they were lost.

Stuck In The Past: Didn't they change their name to Against and then Still Crossed?

Rich: No I started Against and Still Crossed after I was done in Terror.


Alex said...

nice! i cant wait foer the rest! terror, against, still crossed, walls of jericho...

Anonymous said...

great stuff! i remember the legendary Culture set at vort'n vis in belgium. crazy shit! thanks for the wicked time Rich. cheers from germany!

Anonymous said...

Elijah's Message turned into Prayer's Unanswered and there were a total of 8 songs recorded. Also played with xDisciplex in Erie as Prayer's Unaswered.

Anonymous said...

will rich talk about how both he and scott vogel nailed candace from walls of jericho?

Kirk said...

I remember playing a show with broken glass everywhere, It was in some attic practice space in Cincinnati.