Saturday, August 21, 2010

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09.16.10 Lyss, Switzerland Kulturfabrik
09.17.10 Saarbrucken, Germany Garage
09.18.10 Hasselt, Belgium Muziekodroom
09.19.10 Den Bosch, Netherlands W2
09.20.10 Koln, Germany Burgerhaus Stollwerck
09.21.10 Amsterdam, Netherlands Melkweg
09.22.10 Hannover, Germany Faust
09.23.10 Berlin, Germany So36
09.24.10 Essen, Germany Jze
09.25.10 Leipzig, Germany Conne Island
09.26.10 Prague, Czech Republic Lucerna Music Bar
09.27.10 Wien, Austria Szene


ChrisInSabbath said...

what about the rumors that this "special guest" is damnation ad? is it true?

Unknown said...

Is it weird that I'd rather see Shelter? I don't know how I feel about seeing old dudes playing songs of their youth. I don't know, but singing songs about something they felt back then and when their lives have changed, it really doesn't have much substance to it anymore. Then again, it would be fun to pile on with some old dudes! Wow, that got a little weird towards the end. Should be good.

Anonymous said...

What is this "Youth of Today" going to look like? Are we talking like Ray and a bunch of crucial Euro dudes or is this really YOT. I agree, I'd rather see Shelter play a killer set. Oh man, Shelter did a tour with ExC, it was SO good.

Anonymous said...

Youth of the past!

Anonymous said...

YOT line up is Ray. Porcell,Sammy and Ken Olden.

Anonymous said...

No Swedish dates damn!