Friday, March 1, 2013

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While this blog is all about reminiscing about bands of the 1990s, I'd like to use this section to shed some light on a current band who draws heavy influence from bands of that time. Antpile is a post-hardcore/screamo band from north Georgia, combining elements from bands like On the Might of Princes, Portraits of Past, and Texas is the Reason. They began in the spring of 2010 as a three piece with Brian McGhee on bass/vocals, Ben Jordan on guitar/vocals, and Blake Hall on drums. At the time, each member played in (and helped start) Deathbed. With the addition of Tom Lovejoy (Some Mistakes/Latin for Truth) on guitar, the band perfected their sound and continue to prove why they are one of the most talented and unique bands in the Atlanta hardcore scene. You can hear each of their three releases on Bandcamp.

Download Antpile's 2011 EP "For Me, This is Heaven" below:

Track listing:
1) Those Fake Smiles
2) You Said
3) Melodica Song


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