Friday, March 1, 2013

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The Setup was a vegan straight edge band from Chula Vista, CA. Super heavy, chuggy vegan hardcore. I've always compared them to bands like Canon and Birthright or if Chokehold was from California and had decent recordings (ha).

They released the Screams of Reason 7" in 1997 on Words Of War Records, then followed up with a demo titled "Straight Outta Chula Vista" in 1998. They were supposed to release an LP on Warpath Records, but sadly that was never officially released.

This is the bands entire discography to my knowledge. If anybody has any more info on them please let us know.


SerpicoWasRight said...

Oh my god The Setup! Old memories, I born and raised in Chula Vista so this hit's home. A lot of the Chula Hardcore kids would hang with the setup guys.

I remember the lead singer would forget a lot of the lyrics and would be totally off note but who cars as long as he got the "IT'S MURDER" part before the breakdown of course totally sold out Veganism and sxe after awhile. But such is life....