Monday, March 11, 2013

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I was digging through my hard drive and trying to find an old interview to post when I came across this interview with "Lifetime's new female bassist" from Actionfigure zine in 1993. The bassist is never named in the interview but we can assume it's Linda Kay. The interview is pretty awkward as you'll see...the interviewer is really trying to pull answers out of her and not getting much.

As I was digging around to uncover a little more info, I came across this tidbit of news from regarding Linda...sure it's almost 7 years old but it's the first I'd heard about it. Creepy...


Andrew TSKS said...

Whoa, that's the first I've heard of this too. Seems like she got into some pretty crazy shit when she got older.

Here's a followup article I found that tells where the hand came from and what Kay's eventual sentence was.,2933,249863,00.html