Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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I'll admit I didn't know who Counterweight was when they were around. They were a vegan (I'm going to assume also straight edge) band from Poland that released this record, "The Flames of Victory" in 1999 on Sanctuary Records. I picked this up maybe 3-4 years ago when our friend xYosefx decided to unload all of his old CDs (where are you man?). Musically, its a good mixture of the 90s Syracuse chug and late 90s European metal (Arkangel, Liar) with a little Day of Suffering thrown in there. The lyrics are in English but all of the liner notes are in Polish. Vocals kinda remind me of Dan Gump from Excessive Force. Good recording to scanner needs to be replaced so I'll try to get my wife to scan the layout tonight on hers. Until then, enjoy this. If anyone knows anymore about the band, let me know...I'd like to know more.

*EDIT:  I got my wife to do the scans last night. I had her scan the insert as well the traycard and made them a SEPARATE download which can be found below.


Counterweight - The Flames Of Victory

Counterweight - The Flames Of Victory Layout

If you dig this, our friend Henrik posted their demo "Sculptured In Blood" on his blog "Bring Honour Or Walk Away". Unfortunately, he hasn't updated in a while but it's still got some killer demos posted, provided the links still work. Pick up the demo by clicking the link above to go to his blog. 


fakir69 said...

Counterweight were from Ruda Slaska, Silesia, Poland. My brother Rafal was vocalist. He is still in the scene - now in London, UK - let's find Anger Battery Records. I's him. And guitarist Adam is still in bands, last time in Earn The Crown from Warsaw.