Sunday, March 17, 2013

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For a hot minute, Glasseater was a pretty big deal. The band was all over the country touring and releasing records with different labels. They had a pretty consistent lineup and in my opinion, their early work is their best.

I'm having trouble remembering when this was printed up but I'm pretty sure it was between the release of their debut EP "Miles Ahead of Where We Left Off" and their solo Eulogy Recordings outing, "7 Years Bad Luck". This is being based on the bands logo which was changed after they moved to Fearless Records (and cleaned up previously for the Eulogy release). The "GE" circular logo was used on their Ides of March release as the disc art but never after that.

These were printed on a Champion jerseys (weren't they all?) and if memory serves also were printed on white. The band was a straight edge band for most of their existence as shown by the back print and their "sideproject" Glassuck. I guess you can call it a side project, they only recorded one song which was a hidden track on their debut EP. The lyrics for the song were "With this X on my hand, I stay clean (or free)".  Good times in South Florida...