Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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Chokehold playing at an unknown location in Detroit, MI on 12/?/95. This is as close to the full set as I've seen, but the video cuts out as they are halfway into the last song, "Burning Bridges".  If anyone can help with info about the venue, or the exact date, please get in touch.


Anonymous said...

This looks like the knights of columbus that, I think, was in Wayne. It also appears to be at the first detroit fest. I can almost guarantee that's the case since I see an old friend/bandmate up front and I know he would not travel to Detroit to just see Chokehold. Another reason that I suspect it was the first Detroit fest was because they thanked Lifetime, I'm not an expert on all things 90s detroit hc but I'm not sure if they played together in Detroit at any other time.

On a sidenote, pretty hilarious to watch Mani from racetraitor do his dance thang.

Also, at approximately 4:15 there's a brief closeup on Pete Wentz.