Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Marktheshark asked me to post this a while back and I just kept forgetting. What can I say? I have a bad memory...either way, here's the demo for Anthem Boy. To be quite honest, I don't know really know much about the band except they featured members of Birthright. With a name like Anthem Boy (taken from the first track on Split Lip's "For The Love Of The Wounded" record), you might expect some sort of emo-core but these 3 songs sound more like Birthright than Split Lip. Screamed vocals with some serious 90s chug. Did they record anything else? Did they tour? Who was in the band? I havent got the slightest idea but I think I got this in 2000. The demo was professionally pressed (not a CD-R) and the recording is quite good for a demo. I recently re-ripped this at a higher VBR bit rate so it sounds great and scanned the insert which includes the lyrics. If anyone has more info, please pass it along...again, Mark sorry for the delay.

Anthem Boy - Demonstration


Unknown said...

Dude thanks!

Aaron said...

Just this one demo, their vocalist Chris plays bass in a rockabilly band now, their guitarist went on to play in Angelville, I'm not sure what anyone else from this band is doing.

And I think a couple of them were involved in the travesty against music that was the Horizon - Blind Leading the Lost album.

Unknown said...

Angelville = good band, great doods

Anonymous said...

Chris Rhoads - Vocals (Rockabilly Bassist for tons of people)
Neal Tafflinger - Guitar (Angelville bassist)
Ben Hunt - Bassist (Bassist for Brazil, Drummer for Maravich)
Reid Crandall - Guitar (Guitar for Horizon, Guitar/Vocals for Blue Sky Goodbye)
Paul Moore - Drummer (Drummer for Ten Times Over, Blue Sky Goodbye, Presley, Penny Royalty)