Monday, November 30, 2009

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Ripped and uploaded by request. This compilation was released by Pin Drop Records in 1995. The label was run by one of the guys in Holdstrong, the 1st band on here, other bands on the label include Die My Will and Grimlock, you can't ask for much better references than that! The other bands on here are Brother's Keeper, Cross Current and Hatebreed. The Hatebreed track is one of their first proper recordings. Their track on here, 'Mark My Words', would later be re-recorded for their classic 'Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire' album. But this version is just as crushing. Hell, all tracks on here are pretty damn solid as far as I'm concerned. Holdstrong would do a bunch of releases on Pin Drop, the amazing Brother's Keeper would release stuff on various labels, Cross Current did a 7" on Pin Drop and Hatebreed, well, they sorta drifted into obscurity I guess. Great compilation. Enjoy.

Together As One... compilation 7"


jav said...

omg i was gonna upload this. thanks for saving me the trouble.

my cover is a dark yellow color.

i prefer this era of Hatebreed, similar to the split with Neglect. a little more raw, a little more viscous. i honestly cant say ive ever even listened to the other songs on this record.

Alex said...

hatebreed was only good in its first phase. i dont even know WHY they decided to come back in 2002. they should of stayed away.