Monday, November 16, 2009

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I found this via a Google search and downloaded, listened to and dug it, so I decided to post it on here. Everything below was originally posted by Fritzler (via Wikipedia) on his now defunct blog Sounds Like Sunday.

Evergreen was a Southern California underground post-punk band from the early-to-mid 1990s.

They had several releases over their lifespan, including two 7"s, a split 7" with Los Angeles hardcore/screamo band Still Life, and a much sought 12", most of which was released on Anomaly Records. They still have a 7" out on San Diego's Gravity Records. They are notorious amongst record collectors due to the rarity of the "7 Songs" LP (Anomaly Records).

Band members include Aaron Calvert (cousin of Todd Calvert, drummer/percussionist of Gertie Fox) on guitar (now in Winfred E. Eye), Andy Ward on bass (also of Antioch Arrow), and Jason Boesel on drums (now in Rilo Kiley[1]).

Self Titled 12" (1993) · 01. A Couple Curled Up Pictures [02:23]
Self Titled 12" (1993) · 02. Making Fun Of Your First Love [02:28]
Self Titled 12" (1993) · 03. Moustache [02:51]
Self Titled 12" (1993) · 04. Eric And The Digger [04:07]
Self Titled 12" (1993) · 05. This Letter To Kim [02:35]
Self Titled 12" (1993) · 06. ...Home, So Possibly, Home [02:03]
Self Titled 12" (1993) · 07. Laugh At Every Question [03:33]
Self Titled 7" (1993) · 08. Trudy Pushpin [04:10]
Self Titled 7" (1993) · 09. The Water Song [02:18]
Self Titled 7" (1993) · 10. Shoulder [03:30]
These Last Days 7" (1996) · 11. Freight Trains And Windsongs [03:08]
These Last Days 7" (1996) · 12. Glad Hand [02:19]
These Last Days 7" (1996) · 13. Prainer The VIII [05:07]
Evergreen / Still Life (Split 7") (1993) · 14. 250 Dollar Loser [03:11]
Evergreen / Still Life (Split 7") (1993) · 15. Bullyrag [02:50]
Emergency Broadcast Systems Vol. 3 7" (1993) · 16. Forced Fed Ed [03:15]
In Memory of Jason 12" (1996) · 17. My Irish Lady [02:54]
KSPC Basement Tapes 12" (1995) · 18. Untitled [03:55]


Keith said...

one of my favorite bands ever.

Handsome Pete said...

One of the, if not the best of the genre. Evergreen/Still Life splits are quality emo overload.

Thommy said...

Not to be confused with the first/lesser-known Evergreen from Louisville, KY

jav said...

aw jake you DO have good taste in music.

amazing band. thanks for posting this, i didnt have the last 3 songs.

michael said...

I searched the globe for these records 5 years ago. I think I found this same bundle but thanks for posting it anyways. It is great to see that people took notice of this band. They had a hold on me for a good ten years.

Anonymous said...

loved this band. boesel's drumming on this stuff was amazing. his jazz drum creds really show. thanks for posting this up.

Anonymous said...

Hugest thanks. Loved seeing these guys live but haven't heard their records.

Anonymous said...

Anybody have the SLUDGEPOT demo? It was Aaron and Andy before EVERGREEN. Also had a few other guys from our East Anaheim are.