Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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For fans of One Step Ahead, 411 and Verbal Assault. Damn good stuff.

Remission - Accept LP [2009 - Amendment Records]


xbojanx said...

This is soooo great...... and thanx to their mysopace page, I found out so many great bands from Chile :)))

thedevilistakingnames said...

Great to know that Remission are starting to get some worldwide attention, this record is so good. I'm lucky to say that I've see them play live a bunch of times and no show has been less than awesome. Keep the good work here,
Santiago, Chile.

Fabián Manxzano said...


XadriantostoneX said...

Increible wueon remission llego bien lejos!! ahaha =)

digitizer said...

Chile? This guy has better English than me, and I'm a native speaker in the US! :)