Sunday, November 22, 2009

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I apologize for my lack of posting and material lately but I had family in visiting as well as term papers due for school. Basically, Ive been incredibly busy. Tonight, I bring you an interview with the UK's Slavearc from Abstraction Zine #3. The year was not given but Im assuming its around 1998 as there is an interview with Another Victim where they talk about their first upcoming EP. Great band...Im in the process of acquiring both Slavearc CDs so if I do, expect high quality uploads as well as scans of the layouts. Until then, enjoy the interview


James said...

This is comedy genius!

Exactly how long after this diatribe was written did Chris sell out veganism? Talk is cheap.

Anonymous said...

id say approximately 2 years afterwards. what ever happened to foster?

Justin Brannan said...

Indecision toured Europe in 1997. These dudes were the first people we met after taking the ferry to Dover. Did a bunch of shows with them up and down the U.K. Wild times.