Monday, November 30, 2009

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Bloodlet is in my top 5 favorite bands of all time. This 7" makes me wish I was watching them again.
I don't remember when i first got this bootleg, but the copy that i recorded is not my original copy. That was a second press copy, with the cover colored in orange. I got this first press copy on ebay about 2 weeks after i sent my copy to Justin to be recorded. I was so stoked to find the first press copy on red that i told Justin to keep the one i sent him.
The only real difference between the pressings is the coloring on the cover and the color of the vinyl You can tell that coloring was done by hand, probably with a highlighter. Both pressings say there were 500 made, and the pressing is indicated on the back cover.
I don't know who pressed it, and frankly i don't want to know, but it DID come out around the same time as the bootleg Burn and Born Against live 7"s.
the layout is sparse, with a photo of a person falling out of a burning building with some bible quotes around it.
The matrix is etched
a: "i pray to heal your wounds"
b: but i bleed myself
I ripped this at 320kps, but I'm warning you, it still doesn't really sound good. It is NOT a soundboard recording, and what you hear on the mp3 is pretty much the way you hear it on a stereo, blown out. BUT, if you love Bloodlet and love live recordings (like I do), you will love this.

Bloodlet- live at CBGB 8.7.95

i also have some Bloodlet photos on my Flickr


XPoopX said...

Jav, your flickr is awesome. Ire?! so good.

jay destro said...

god i remember seeing them at cbgb a few times, great band at a great club. i had this on red as well.