Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Things have been exceptionally busy for me lately. Once the holiday combination of Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's is looming over us all, my work load doubles. In addition to that, I've been in a math class. Anyone that knows me, knows that math is my arch nemesis. I'm a whiz with literature and social sciences, but math goes over my head in every possible regard. It debilitates my life, and steals far too much time from me. However, I got a 92% today on my math final, so here's a hearty "fuck you" to math (even though I have to take one more math class next semester).
I still have about half of the Eighteen Visions shirts. Given what I mentioned in the previous paragraph, they've been going out in very small batches, and I hope to have them all taken care of pretty soon.
Every once in a while, something comes along to really lighten my mood and make me feel like the current shit storm isn't so bad. Today, it came in the form of this:

an Hourglass / New Day Rising test press on Moo Cow Records (1 of 5)
I came across it in a local record store, and scooped it up like my life damn near depended on it.
One last thing, everyone should ditch ebay, and start doing all of your buying and selling via Limited Pressing. It's an auction site (and much more) developed and run by two brothers from New York that have a deep love for both vinyl and hardcore. If anyone out there remembers the late, great Skylab Commerce, we're all hoping that Limited Pressing can grow into something even better than what Skylab was. Click on the link and check it out!


Jon said...

big ups on the Limited Pressing site. I'm loving it.
And i do remember Skylab. Many a good score was made there and some punk auction site that used to exist, i think cleverly named DIY Auction or something like that... haha