Sunday, December 27, 2009

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This Belgian H8000 band is mostly known for their contribution to the Animal Truth compilation from 1998. Their song on there, 'Fight For Existence', is often ridiculed as one of the worst songs in vegan sXe hardcore history. And the band was not taken too seriously either during their short lifetime. However, I've always loved that song, and the band was decent to good the few times I saw them. I still have one of their 'straight edge militia' t-shirts with the camo Natural Order logo, see the pic above. Their singer was this vegan sXe kid with a hardline tattoo in his neck. He was a really nice & cool kid, unfortunately when I talked to him about 4-5 years ago he was smoking a cigarette, not sure if he's vegan still.

Anyways, here is xNatural Orderx's live tape. This was recorded in Poperinge, Belgium on November 15 1997, and it sorta served as a demo tape. Unfortunately I don't have a cover for this, not even sure there was one? Oh and yes, they were part of the H8000 scene.

I've ripped it as a single mp3 since it's a live show. The track-list is as follows:
Fight For Existence

xNatural Orderx live tape (download removed due to complaints)