Monday, December 28, 2009

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Dipping out of the 90s a little, I recently got a copy of the 2 song Cast From Eden demo. This was recorded in 2002 and eventually was re-recorded for their full length on Catalyst Records. The backside cover gives the full explanation so I wont go too much into it but I ripped this as a VBR so its nice and loud. Enjoy

Cast From Eden - 2002 Demo


xgorex said...

This post made me want to pull out some other Louisville metalcore bands and relive my high school years.

xlosttheedgezinex said...

Muy buena banda amigos,very good band friends,iam from argentina,a years ago i found your blogspot and i got to say that is amazing!very thanks for the influence!i got my zine with two of my friends and now we got it in a blogspot page.


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