Monday, December 7, 2009

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Man, this record isn't even mid-nineties. It's fucking EARLY 90's.
Neck Deep is a relatively obscure Orange County band. They played some of the first shows i really remember going to, in 1992 and 1993. Mostly playing with bands like Function, Blackspot and Outspoken. In fact, I have a flier with that exact line up.
The 7" was recorded in 1992. Musically, it does remind me of early Outspoken... kind of stompy, kind of melodic, kind of mid-tempo, kind of boring in a way. Vocally, he sounds like a less pissed-off Infest and lyrically it touches on VERY 90's issues like the "burning planet" and colonial imperialism.
check this out if you want to hear some of the beginnings of that 90's Orange County sound, the transition between posi-hardcore (a la Uniform Choice) and the "signature OC metal sound" (like Adamantium and Throwdown)
maybe Jake could shed some more light on where these dudes came from and went.

Neck Deep - 7"


Anonymous said...

dear jav, one of leah's cousins played in that band at some point. maybe even on that record.


Anonymous said...

My VERY short lived and fucking awful band Cereal played with Neck Deep at Macondo during the summer of '93 (flyer for the show in the middle left hand side of this pic on the, whattaya know, Some Dudes Tell Stories blog - I don't know a thing about 'em though.

Vic said...

Have this and have to admit I like it, it sounds different for sure.

Cheesegrater said...

Jav -- post the demo. I have one if you don't. There's a song on there that sounds like MITB.

Note of interest -- the label that released this was INSTA-NOISE, run by Lob from Instagon/Vinyl Solution and Dave from Noise Noise Noise, hence the name. They also released the 1st SUBLIME 7" ("Work That We Do").

Next time I hang with Pippi I'll get the lowdown on the members.

Anonymous said...

this post reminded me... do you have the demo of that band Neck? Late 90's band.. maybe from Queens or LI, can't remember.

Oh, there was also a band from LI called Diesel... I've been looking for their demo forever. I don't even remember if it was any good or not, I just remember liking it as a kid.

AWESOME blog btw!

jav said...

the only thing i know about Neck is that Dave Peters (from throwdown) loved them. maybe post something on the SITP message board

Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember this band. I was around the OC scene during this time playing in some mediocre bands.