Thursday, December 10, 2009

Posted by jav |
..then so am i

hi. im jav. im 32, im unemployed, have a 7 year old kid, and i dont remember the last time i was this stoked on hardcore.

i am currently filming a short movie, in which i interview people about what their favorite hardcore band is. here's a trailer

i also sing in a band called the Mistake. we have a full length record coming out on Hellfish Family in January. 2010 should be an awesome year.
im also stoked to be a part of this blog. i have a lot to contribute that i've just been too busy to do, but hopefully Justin and Chip won't be the only ones making you scratch your head this year. also, check one of my other blogs. im sure youll find something cool.



AJ said...

Why did I know as soon as he started counting himself down with his fingers that "Dan" was going to say something really immature and pointless?

jav said...

"pointless" is subjective, as with anything in hardcore

Anonymous said...

I wanna be in your movie.

Chris said...

Your movie looks great!

MoshSpot said...

I'd consider it quite pointless to the concept of the film which is titled "What's Your Favorite Hardcore Band?" ... as opposed to "Who Did Your Favorite Hardcore Band Used To Be?"

Either way, at least we're not arguing the immaturity of it.