Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Earth Crisis's new record "To The Death" is now available for pre-order through Century Media. They are offering a package deal aside from ordering the record by itself. The package includes a tshirt and a limited 7 inch containing 2 songs from their 1993 demo. If you missed out review of the new record last month, go back and read it, then order the record. This going to be one of the best releases of the year so dont sleep on it.
Unholy's new record "New Life Behind Closed Eyes" is also available for pre-order now through Prosthetic Records. I havent had a chance to hear this one yet (my pre-order has come in the mail yet) but the songs I heard on the Myspace are incredible. Prosthetic is also offering a package deal which includes the CD and a tshirt.


rybunal said...

that shirt looks brutal

xyosefx said...

I'd like to get the 7", but I'm not dropping $18 plus shipping on it. I would find it difficult to care less about their crappy new material or that shirt.