Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Like I said last time, Im in the last week of classes before finals so Im stressing like crazy over getting papers written and studying for exams. Also Im gearing up for Burning Fight next week as is Justin. So many good bands on the bill I don't even know where to start...either way Im excited. Also, our friend Andrew Jacobs is coming on board to help us with the interviews. He sent me a list of people he is planning on interviewing and its gonna be great. We're looking forward to seeing how that comes out. I promise as soon as these next 2 weeks end, there will be regular updates again. Thanks for being patient

Chip XXX


Anonymous said...

Chip, thank you very much for being so accepting of my contributions to xStuck In The Pastx. This is a great webzine and I look forward to providing you with lots of good content for it.