Monday, April 13, 2009

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Just wanted to post quickly and apologize for my lack of content lately. Im in the final 2 weeks of class before finals and Ive had paper upon paper to write as well as currently having family in town plus Shai Hulud was here this past weekend so Ive had my hands full. As soon as the semester ends, both Justin and myself are heading to Chicago for Burning Fight, followed by a 2 week trip to Japan for me. I promise to start updating again, just be patient. Expect a very in depth interview with Pete Spielman (ex-Beta Minus Mechanic, Green Rage) very soon as well as interviews with Jim Winters (The Promise, Turmoil, Starkweather), Duncan Barlow (Endpoint, Guilt, By the Grace of God), and more. Again, I apologize for my lack of participation but I plan to rectify that soon enough.




Looking forward to all that!

But I gotta be an ass and say that the best 90's European hardcore band, without question, and by far, was fucking LASH OUT!!! Come on!!!

rybunal said...

i will see you at the show!!!! are you going to try to do any interviews?

xCHIPxSEM said...

Not at the would be smart to but I dont own a tape recorder and I just want to enjoy the weekend. Come up and say whats up

Anonymous said...

yo, thanks for mentioning us on here. maybe i'll see you at burning fight.

- adam withdrawal