Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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I posted this on the South Florida Music Scene blog some time ago but I thought you guys might be interested as well. Its no secret, I love Morning Again. My favorite hardcore band to come out of Florida (Shai Hulud runs a very close second) and my t shirt collection reflects that. I played in a few bands with John Wylie (guitar/mastermind) and got to know him well and I think that just makes me love the band even more. Morning Again I believe is actually how Justin and I actually started talking, because of our mutual love for Morning Again. I scanned this from the original zine, one of the few I still have (long story). This was released in 1996 but the interview was conducted in late 95 I believe, right after the Cleanest War was released. The interview is with John and Damien and they do go a bit into why they left Culture which is cool. Check it out.