Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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One of my current favorite bands, Eye of Judgement (which also includes one of my favorite dudes, Jasper), is releasing their new record with Catalyst Records. Pre-orders just went up and include the CD, a limited edition t-shirt that will only be availble through this package, and another Catalyst release. You get all this for only $16. You can pre-order this package here.


xGREGx said...

Yeah people go preorder that shit! I got their CD-R version on the last European Tour, and it's really good :)

xTitix said...

Got the CD-R version too and it's a great band and nice people too!

SaveTheCirclePit said...

This is from their Myspace blog-

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eye of Judgement 'Belligerent' news

Wrath of Time records is a new record label founded and run by all five members of the vegan Straight Edge band Eye of Judgement.

Born out of necessity the first release by the label will be Eye of Judgement's own sophomore album 'Belligerent'. This album was originally going to be released worldwide by Catalyst records but after long postponements the band parted ways with the label and decided to take matters into their own hands.

In the future, the label will be focusing on bands that support either a vegan or a vegetarian lifestyle and will be open to receive demos from any bands that adhere to these ideals.

Wrath of Time records Myspace

Upcoming releases

WT001 Eye of Judgement - Belligerent CD

After four European tours and one US tour Eye of Judgement brings you 'Belligerent'. Recorded at Menno Bakker’s Bunt Studios, this album contains seven new Eye of Judgement songs as well as a cover of the song ‘Black Planet’, originally recorded by the Sisters of Mercy. Check out two songs ("Dissolution of Man" and "Pray For Hell") here:

Expect a barrage of hate-filled metallic hardcore, moving slightly more towards the Crowbar spectrum of the universe but still holding on to the primary influences and references that initially formed Eye of Judgement. The artwork has once again been taken care of by the very talented Samuel Araya.

To promote this album Eye of Judgement will be doing a two week tour of the United States in October.

Starve said...

If anyone is wondering what the guys from EOJ are up to these days... has two EOJ members has one EOJ member